Various committees, both standing and ad-hoc, exist to provide the membership with focused research or functionality regarding specific issues.  Committees are often looking for new members to contribute to their work. If you believe you have something constructive to offer a committee, please contact the Local office at (604) 936-1810 to be put in contact with their respective chairs.

Here is a list of recently active committees and their chairs.

LTD Committee: Vim Sharma, Jason Friesen, Patrick Reeves, Matt Sessions, Natasa Muhic
Auxiliary Conversion Committee: Gord Macdonnell, Michael Fox
Bargaining Committee: Vim Sharma, Jason Friesen, Natasa Muhic, Gerry Townsend
Constitution Committee: Vim Sharma, Carolyn Turpin, Matt Sessions
Job Evaluation/Reclass Committee: Travis Hughes, Carolyn Turpin
Accessibility Committee: Laine Wiederick
Political Action Committee: Carolyn Turpin