Executives are your democratically elected members responsible for the operation of your local CUPE office. Some of the responsibilities executives are mandated with are,

  • receiving Union dues and directing them as permitted in the constitution or by the will of the membership.
  • maintaining an office where union business can be conducted un-empeeded by the employer.
  • bargaining collective rights and benefits for it’s members.

Many of the decisions made by the Executive must be ratified by the will of it’s membership in the form of “executive recommendations” put to vote in our monthly General Membership Meetings (GMM) and Annual General Meeting (AGM). These meetings are your opportunity to have your voice heard and influence the operation of your Local without being elected to the executive. Attendance at these meetings strongly encouraged.

For more information on how you can run for an elected position please call the union office as some positions have minimum requirements regarding participation in GMMs and written notice of intention to run for select positions.

Your current Executive members are listed below.

President: Vim Sharma
Vice President: Jason Friesen
Chief Shop Steward: Dan Person
Recording Secretary: Brett Hobkirk
Treasurer: Natasa Muhic
Member-at-Large Outside: Mike Richard
Member-at-Large Outside: Tyler Halfpenny
Member-at-Large Inside: Jackie McCambridge
Member-at-Large Inside: Kasandra Gibson
Young Worker: Will Dichuk

Shop Stewards

Local 386 Shop Stewards represent our members and protect the rights we have won in Collective Bargaining. Each clause in the Collective Agreement comes from negotiations with the Employer, and each and every clause is important!

Shop Stewards are effective in the Union by being advocates of Labour Peace. They listen objectively (and confidentially to the degree directed by the member) to uphold the best interest of their members. Their primary role is to identify concerns early and educate & inform Members of ‘Rights and Rules’ of the workplace. A good Steward offers constructive resolution to problems with the assistance of the Executive Board.

To be put in touch with a Shop Steward please contact the Local Office at (604) 936-1810. Phoning the office is our preferred method of communication as it gives us the opportunity to get the information most important to assisting you. Emails may be sent to cupe386@shaw.ca but please realize that emails may be viewed by administration staff prior to being directed to the best person able to address your question. *Important: do not use your City issued email to communicate delicate information to the Union as the Employer has reserved the right to view your emails.

Stewards have authority from Labour Laws that give the Union these rights:

· The right to file a grievance.
· The right to have management respond to that grievance.
· The right to take that grievance to arbitration if the grievance is not resolved to the satisfaction of the Union.
· Act as a mediator when Members are in conflict with each other.
· Ensure good communication between the Members and the Executive.
· Educate Members about the Collective Agreement, about the Union’s role in workplaces, and important social issues.
· Stand up as a strong ally with Members from equity seeking groups.
· Investigate, write and file grievances on behalf of the Members.
· Help to solve problems outside the grievance procedure.

Local 386 Membership requires dedicated individuals to assist our Members from all work areas in the City. If you want to have a more active role in upholding the terms of our Collective Bargaining Agreement and be an integral part of your Union, please consider contacting the Local Union office at 604-936-1810 to discuss your potential as a Shop Steward.

Your current Shop Stewards are listed below

Dan Person (Chief Shop Steward)
Vim Sharma
Mike Richard
Natasa Muhic
Jackie McCambridge
Kallan Clark
Kasandra Gibson
Tyler Halfpenny
Brandy Mullen
Matt Burton
Laura Pearce
Deric Hobkirk


The primary duty of Trustees is to uncover any fraud or misuse of union funds. The secondary function of Trustees is to review the way that the Treasurer is doing his or her job and to suggest ways that the financial affairs of the Local could be improved. Trustees must perform audits on the Local’s finances at least once a year.

Your current Trustees are listed below

Travis Hughes
Dawn Dallyn
Matt Sessions